29 Sep


Property Information - Corozal - CZLCOMM08

Parcel 768, Block 1, containing 12.89 acres is located northwest of a section of the Corozal Commercial Free Zone Compound. Land use within the Free Zone Compound is of a commercial and industrial nature, but lands northeast and southwest of the fenced compound are vacant. The subject is accessible to electricity and mobile telephone services. Other utilities available within the zone are approximately 400 meters away. The parcel of land has direct access to the Four Mile Lagoon. Recreational land uses along the Four Mile Lagoon are approximately 0.8 of a kilometer southwest of the subject property. The registered proprietor is MAYAN CRUISES LIMITED.
28 Jun


Property Information - Stann Creek - SCCOMM3

All those portions or parcels of land belonging to NOVA Toledo Limited situate between the Swasey River, the Sennis River, Indian Hill Lagoon and the Caribbean Sea in the Toledo District comprising approximately 7,700 Acres ±. These properties are labelled B through J on Map below.

25 Jun


Property Information - Corozal - CZLCOMM07

The property is the first Commercial Plaza at the Entrance of the Commercial Free Zone a short distance from the newly built International Bridge between Belize and Mexico and the old Mexican Bridge between Belize and Subteniente Lopez, Chetumal Q Roo and Princess Casino. It has a well with running water, integrated telephone lines and electricity to all 12 Strata units or stores in the Plaza with a modern cement brick floor parking facility. The upper second floor accommodates 12 storage areas as a warehouse for each Strata store below with similar sizes of their stores. The building is a very good investment for renting or selling individual stores which has its own Strata Title. br>
25 Jun


Property Information - Corozal - CZLCOMM06

Parcel 7 Block 1 Corozal free Zone Being a lot containing 811.355 square yards with a two storey concrete building with a lean use as a warehouse situate in the Commercial Free Zone behind the Esso Gas Station the freehold property of Edilberto & Sulama Reyes. Public Auction held Saturday 28th March, 2020 ON SITE @ 2:00 pm. br>
11 Jan


Property Information - Corozal - czlcomm01

(Public Auction held Tuesday, 17th March, 2015) ALL THAT piece or parcel of land being BLOCK 1 PARCEL 443 Santa Elena Registration Section, measuring 2865.75 square yards and comprising of a two storey concrete structure with dimensions of 39 feet by 115 feet at the ground and first floor. The first floor level of the building has a 5 feet wide verandah on the southeastern and southwestern side of the building. Welly Huang.