Rooted in our identity

The fundamental basis for effective governance is rooted in our corporate identity which ensures the ethical, responsible, value-driven management and/or control of our institution in the interest of its shareholders, customers and counterparties, employees and other stakeholders.

Our institution is committed to conducting business in conformity with our domestic laws and regulations as well as international regulations relating to anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing. We recognize that we need to know and understand our customers, not merely to attain compliance with regulatory requirements, but more so to engage in close relationships.

Our anti-money laundering program clearly defines the measures we pledge to undertake to manage the risks involved with money laundering, terrorist financing and other serious crimes. These procedures are designed to ensure that formal systems of internal control, identification requirements, record keeping and documentation, reporting and training are executed and maintained.

It is against this philosophy, that the Bank is structured in a manner that provides for good relations with our shareholders, effective cooperation between the Board of Directors and the Executive Management Team, a system of performance-related compensation, risk management, regulatory compliance regime, and the highest standards of integrity, transparency, fairness, accountability and timely reporting.