20 Jul

Heritage Bank Ltd Celebrates its 20th Anniversary in 2021

To commemorate and celebrate its 20th Anniversary, Heritage Bank Ltd has promised to undertake a very generous gesture. The Board and Executive Management have decided to focus on an area of great need in the country – that of Housing.

For the past 4 years the Bank has collaborated with Hand in Hand Ministries to fund and build one home every year for a deserving family.  This year instead of building one home, the Bank is partnering with Hand in Hand Ministries to build homes for deserving customers of Heritage Bank up to a value of $20,000.00 each.  This is in line with the number of years the bank is in existence. In 2021, the Bank promises to build 12 homes – one per month.

We welcome applications from customers countrywide to be a part of this great initiative.  Interested customers may apply to become a new homeowner.   The Application Form is readily available on the bank’s website and at any Heritage Bank countrywide. Completed applications may be submitted to any Heritage Bank branch or by email to hr@banking.bz

The Bank got off to a running start in February with the Blessing and Handing Over of the 1st of 12 homes which we have committed to provide to 12 deserving customers in 2021.

The Bank staff in collaboration with Hand in Hand Ministries, the recipients’ family members and willing volunteers started construction on Wednesday, February 17th, and worked diligently to complete the house by Wednesday, February 24th, following all Covid protocols.

Mr James Witty, Ms. Keyannie Lino, and their 3 children are the very appreciative recipients of the 1st home.  Following a short House Blessing Ceremony, with all partners present, the keys to the home were handed over to the family. In Ms Keyannie’s own words, “a big thank you from deep, deep down.  Thank you Heritage Bank, we really and truly appreciate this, it is beyond words… thank you.

Since the first home was built in February 2021, Heritage Bank Ltd in collaboration with Hand in Hand Ministries has constructed 5 more homes for deserving families!  Unity, the state of being united or joined as a whole, was displayed at each House Build and although 6 homes have now been built for the year, the exuberant atmosphere is still alive as though it were the 1st home being built.

The 2nd House Build for the year was in Pomona Village, Stann Creek, for Mr. Michael Acosta. The House Blessing took place on March 24th and as usual, it was an unforgettable and touching experience handing over the keys to the new homeowner.  Mr. Acosta, along with his wife and 2 kids, accepted the home with gratitude and humility.

28 days later, we embarked on the 3rd House Build for 2021 in San Ignacio, Cayo. The recipient, Ms. Monica Quiroz, was sparkling with her positive attitude and appreciation as the Branch Manager handed her the keys to her new home! As s. Quiroz said,” I am still in shock. Thank you Heritage Bank and Hand in Hand Ministries for my loving home.”

May 4th was a day of Blessings for Ms. Priscilla Peters and her Mom, as they were the recipients of the 4th home.  The House Build started on April 28th in Dangriga and was completed on May 2nd.  Ms. Peters had tears of joy and couldn’t put into words how great she felt to be blessed with a new home! The Heritage Bank staff, along with Hand in Hand couldn’t help but join Ms. Peters in this very heartwarming experience. As Henri Nouwen once said,” Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.”

Shortly after, on May 19th, we proceeded to the 2nd House Build in the Belize District, and 5th House Build overall. Ms. Ruth Camal, the recipient of this home, wasn’t hesitant to express how much she will cherish this opportunity. Ms. Camal, a mother of 3, was working passionately on her home along with her loving family. They supported one another and as Ms. Camal stated, “I cannot wait to move into my home and have my furniture and be with my family!”

June 16th saw the House Build for Ms. Marleny Mai in Orange Walk.  Ms Mai and her two children were the proud recipients of the 6th home constructed. Heritage Bank Ltd along with Hand in Hand Ministries once again were at the House Blessing to share in the joyful occasion.  “Great satisfaction comes from sharing with others” – Unknown. Indeed, everyone had great satisfaction as we saw how happy Ms. Mai and her family were to receive the keys for their home.

In the coming months the construction of another six homes will come to fruition for another six deserving families.  As we progress with this great initiative we extend heartfelt thanks to the staff of Heritage Bank, Hand in Hand Ministries, all family members and volunteers who assisted in the construction of the homes.

“Where there is unity, there is always victory” – Publilius Syrus