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Property Information - Belmopan - cyres4

Parcel 2362 Block 20, Belmopan Registration Section. Being the freehold interest Elizabeth Gill The lot containing 2466.842 square yards is situated between Hibiscus and Poinsettia Streets and it is bounded and described as follows: • On the North by Parcel No. 4249 • On the South by a Street • On the East by Pionsettia Street • On the West by Hibiscus Street There is a concrete building on the lot covering a total floor area of app. 5436 sq. ft and this includes a semi-detached storeroom and laundry room an a large unenclosed verandah. The building accommodates five bedrooms, three and half bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, a den/family room, the foyer and a sitting room alongside the foyer, a study and atrium at about the centre of the building with a swimming pool. Attached to the northern side of building is a large unenclosed verandah and at its northwestern corner are the storeroom and a laundry and power control room. Alongside the verandah area is an entertainment centre.