Business Banking

Heritage Bank Limited can play a central role in helping local businesses grow. Heritage Bank is thus dedicated to preparing customized packages that meet the needs of individual businesses.
Business Banking Services:
Checking Accounts
Whether you’re a partnership, a sole proprietorship, a community organization or a corporation, you can qualify for a Heritage Bank commercial checking account.Features:

  • Set up a recurring transfer to another bank account
  • Lost checkbooks are promptly replaced
  • Free statements (available online to help you track your spending)

Night Depository Service

Contact bank for details

E Payroll

Every Business has individual requirements when it comes to payroll and Heritage E-Banking service allows you to process your employee payroll from the convenience of your office, meaning less time doing administrative work and more time increasing sales.

This service allows easy integration by creating a .txt file and uploading it to your E-Banking account under the payroll tab.

With this real time service, salary is deposited immediately into employee accounts and they are notified immediately.  Employees can access their account via SMS/Text or online anytime and anywhere.


  • Save time
  • Empower employees to manage their bank accounts
  • Provide a complete audit trail
  • Eliminate transposition errors in payroll data to your accounting system
  • Pay your employees on time no matter where you are
  • Accommodate all salary packages in a reliable and accurate manner

Term Deposits/CDs

Funds can be deposited at Heritage Bank for 3-, 6-, or 12-month periods and will generate high rates of interest for you during this limited time.

Contact bank for details

Credit Card

Effective March 1, 2018, your insurance coverage has been transferred to RF&G Life Insurance Company Limited with the same benefits. There is no increase to the premium rates but as is standard, these may be changed from time to time. Should you require further clarification regarding your Creditor Life Insurance, please feel free to contact your Relationship Officer or our Lendings Department.

Businesses which stay on the cutting edge use credit cards to ensure speedy, efficient and well-documented transactions as well as to secure an array of value-added services and benefits.

Heritage Bank offers your company the following card:

Mastercard Standard

Mastercard Standard is accepted by millions of enterprises all over the world. These can be used to finance business bills during travel, and can enable a company to monitor expenses and control the credit limit of individual employees. Also, cash can be withdrawn from any ATM displaying the card’s logo.  In addition, upon request by your company, certain features/services, such as cash withdrawal from ATMs, can be restricted.  The minimum credit limit is $1,000.00.  The card can bear the name of your company and the name of your employee.

Statements are now available online to customers. You can pay the entire bill before the due date and avoid interest charges, or pay in installments. Interest is charged only on the balance.

Mastercard Gold

This prestigious card has a minimum limit of $10,000.00
Mastercard EMV Chip cards Coming Soon!

View our Credit Card E-Banking Guide

Commercial Loans

Effective March 1, 2018, your insurance coverage has been transferred to RF&G Life Insurance Company Limited with the same benefits. There is no increase to the premium rates but as is standard, these may be changed from time to time. Should you require further clarification regarding your Creditor Life Insurance, please feel free to contact your Relationship Officer or our Lendings Department.

Heritage Bank Limited can provide you with the necessary finances to start, expand or stabilize your business. We want to understand the special internal dynamic of your company, as well as its needs and future prospects, so we can put together a package that will be the best for your bottom-line! Our Relationship Managers will process your application efficiently.   Apply now, and we will contact you to arrange a meeting.

For the best repayment terms, the most reasonable interest rates, and convenient repayment arrangements, contact any of our Managers at the numbers below.

(501) 223-5698/6784, (501) 223-6064/6111, (501) 223-5698 and ask for Lendings Relationship Managers, Marcene Solis,  Sharima Hoare, Frank Ramclam or Gina Castillo  or contact us by e-mail.



Come and arrange an overdraft limit with Heritage Bank Limited so you don’t have to delay important transactions due to low funds in your account. Sign checks confidently, or withdraw cash from your checking account at an ATM. Our corporate department will determine an appropriate overdraft limit based on the nature, size and stability of your business.

To Apply For An Overdraft

Visit any of our branches for personal assistance.

Merchant Services


Increase your business activity by offering customers the option of using a credit card, a Heritage Bank ATM card, any of the Credit Unions ATM cards or a ZITRO Prepaid Card. Heritage Bank Limited can outfit you with a credit card facility so that VISA, Discover, Mastercard or Heritage Bank and Credit Union payments can be made by your customer.

Free-of-cost items included:

  • Point-Of-Sale Terminal
  • Paper Rolls
  • Visa, Discover card, and MasterCard Decals
  • Merchant Training

Heritage Bank will provide your company with the following services:

  • Set up your account
  • Set up your equipment and train your staff to use the equipment
  • Train your staff in all card acceptance procedures. Our staff will also visit every quarter to provide refresher training.
  • Online statements
  • Provide authorization.
  • Collect, clear and settle merchant deposits.
  • Deposit payments to your account in 2 business days.
  • Help you to reconcile settlement accounts.
  • Provide stationery and advertising materials

The application process is quick and easy and your Point Of Sale merchant account can be approved within two business days. Rates vary depending on transaction volume. We will assess your potential transaction volume and try to offer you the lowest feasible rate. We will also take the time to explain all requirements in detail and provide you with all necessary forms and documents. In order to expedite the account opening process, the following documents are required:

Requirements: (may vary depending on account)

  • Financial Information on Business (audited statement preferred)
  • Trade Licenses/ Registration of business
  • Business References
  • Company Documentation
  • Sign, Agree and Abide on Merchant Agreement

Foreign Exchange


Purchase U.S. currency or make wire transfers with ease at Heritage Bank Limited.

Wire Transfers: Send money to any location throughout the world fast! Heritage Bank Ltd. will facilitate your transfer through the Secure Swift System.

Purchase US Currency: Purchases are subject to local exchange control regulations, so Central Bank authorization may be necessary. If buying US currency, you may need to bring in your passport and ticket. Call our customer representatives at 223-6783 to learn more.

E Banking


Real time transactions processed online or through Digicell SMS Bundles via computer or cell phone.

Online Banking

  • Check your account history and account balances
  • Sign up for account alerts
  • Transfer between accounts
  • Transfer to friends and family at Heritage Bank Limited and at other banks
  • Make third party payments
  • Pay utility bills
  • Digicell Top up
  • Process your employees payroll from the convenience of your office
  • Make payments to various merchants

Cell Phone Banking

This feature allows customers to send a text message to “BANK” or “2265″ to retrieve banking information.

Specific codes are required to initiate different requests or initiate different transactions.

  • Text us for account balances or account history
  • Text us for account alerts
  • Use text to transfer between accounts
  • Transfer funds to friends and family
  • Pay utility bills
  • Digicell Top up
BALC Checking account balance
HISTC Checking account History
BALS Saving account balance
HISTS Saving account history
STOP Disable all alerts
STOPALL Disable all text and alerts
GIVE Pay friend and family
FRIENDS Listing of family and friends
TRANSFER Transfer between your accounts
ACCOUNTS Your account nickname
PAY Pay utility bills/merchants
NAMES Listing of merchants
NEW New Product Listening
INFO Listening of codes by SMS
BRANCHES Listing of Branches
SIGNUP Contacts for new customer
CONTACT Contact information