1. Are there any fees to access my account at another branch?

  • All Heritage Bank Branches/ATMs are Online and Real Time. As such, your account can be accessed FREE of cost at any branch.

2. How do I change my address?

  • All customers are welcome to visit our Customer Service Representatives at any of our branches to complete the “change of address” form. An updated address verification in the form of a utility bill (no more than 3 months old) or valid driver’s license is required.
  • If the bill is not in the customer’s name, then a letter from the person whose name the bill is in, stating that the customer resides at the address should be provided. A copy of the ID of the person whose name is on the bill is also required.

Savings Accounts

1. What do I need to open a savings account?

  • A valid Social Security Card or Passport or voter’s ID.
  • Confirmation of Residential address via recent utility bill or valid Driver’s license
  • Minimum initial deposit of $50.00
  • For non-residents, A banker’s references from established financial institutions with at least 24 months banking relationship and a valid passport.

2. What happens to the funds in my account if not used for a while?

  • An account becomes inactive after 12 months without any transactions and is charged $10.00.
  • It becomes dormant after 18 months without any transactions and is charged $30.00 annually.
  • After 10 years it becomes abandoned property and is transferred to the Central Bank of Belize.

3. How do I reactivate an inactive/dormant account?

  • Deposit or Withdrawal transaction is required to activate an account.
  • Updated ID and address verification is required.

4. How do I close my account?

  • For persons living in Belize, a valid ID must be presented along with a written instruction requesting to close the account.
  • For persons living abroad, an original notarized authority with clear and proper instructions advising disposal of funds is required to close the account, along with a notarized copy of passport. If proceeds are to be remitted to another individual, that person must present a valid ID.
  • Any accounts closed within 90 days after being opened will carry a service charge of $35.00.

5. What type of interest is earned on Savings Accounts?

  • Regular Savings Accounts earn 2.5% per annum, paid quarterly on the minimum balance of $50.00 or more.

6. Can I use my Debit Card anywhere?

  • Heritage Bank debit cards can be used at any Heritage Bank Point of sale Terminal (POS machine) countrywide.
  • Debit cards can also be used at any NetworkOne ATM countrywide. (St. John's Credit Union, St. Francis Xavier Credit Union, Holy Redeemer Credit Union, La Inmaculada Credit Union, St. Martin's Credit Union, Toledo Teacher's Credit Union, National Bank of Belize and Heritage Bank Limited)

7. Can I choose my own Debit Card PIN?

  • Once ATM/debit card is ready for pickup, you can visit the respective branch and pin card at the counter using your own 4-digit number.

8. How do I request a replacement for my Debit (ATM) card/PIN?

  • You may visit any of our customer service representatives at any of our branches to fill out a replacement form.

9. What is cost of replacement card/PIN?

  • The card replacement fee is $20.00.
  • No fee for pin change.

10. Over the counter withdrawal

  • Amounts less than $1000.00 will be charged $1.00 fee per transaction
  • Free cost to use the ATM machines up to $1000.00 per day.

11. Do I pay an operating charge or fee to operate my Accounts?

  • Yes, less than 3 transactions per month on your account will incur a service charge of $5.00 monthly.

12. What added value do I get with my savings or checking accounts?

  • FREE ATM card accepted at all Heritage and Credit Union ATMs.
  • FREE Online Banking
  • FREE Bill Payments processed online

13. Does my account have a monthly minimum balance.

  • Yes, Monthly minimum balance of $5.00 is required for Savings and Checking Account.

Checking Accounts

1. How can I re-order check books?

  • Forms are available to be filled out at any of our offices countrywide and available online.
  • 50 Page check book – $8.00
  • 200 Page check book -$20.00
  • You may also place your orders via telephone; provided that a staff member can verify your identity.
  • Turnaround time is 3-5 business days
  • Rush order is an additional $10.00 within 2 business days.

2. When I deposit other banks’ checks into my account, when do the funds become available?

  • HBL checks that are deposited at the Belize City branches become available in real time.
  • Other bank’s checks that are deposited at the Belize City branches become available after three working days.
  • Other bank’s checks that are deposited at any other out district branch becomes available after three working days.

3. How can I issue a STOP payment on my check.

  • Forms are available to be filled out at any of our offices countrywide.
  • You may also place your request via telephone; provided that a staff member can verify your identity.
  • You may also send in an email with request to
  • The Cost of this service is $30.00

4. How many checks can I issue per month?

  • Customers are allowed to issue as many checks as necessary.
  • Account holders are allowed 10 FREE entries per month. Any additional entries will incur a service charge of $1.00 per entry.

5. What other operating fee applies to my Checking account.

  • Penalty/Interest on unauthorized overdraft -$20.00
  • Request for copy of Statement- $5.00
  • Description of Deposit to Account - $1.00 (per entry)
  • Transfer between accounts - $10.00
  • Standing order – $10.00
  • Return cheques (insufficient funds) – to payee - $20.00
  • Return cheques (insufficient funds) – to drawer - $50.00
  • Check clearing $1-$50K - $3.00
  • Check clearing $50K-$100K - $53.00
  • Check clearing $100K + - $103.00
  • Customer request for immediate credit on other bank cheques - $15.00

6. What is the cost for sending salary payments?

  • Payments processed to accounts held with other banks carry a $1.50 processing fee while accounts held with Heritage carries a fee of $1.00.
  • For payments done Online using Online Banking Payroll the processing fee to HBL accounts is free of cost.

7. Can I get a Safety Deposit Box with Heritage Bank Limited?

  • Yes, Safety Deposit Boxes are available for a minimum yearly fee that is conveniently deducted from your Heritage Bank savings or chequing account.

8. Can I get Night Depository Wallet with Heritage Bank Limited?

  • Yes, Night Deposit Wallets are available for a minimum yearly fee that is conveniently deducted from your Heritage Bank savings or chequing account. Bags are available in sizes (10.5 X 9) and (13 X 9).

9. Can I send and receive international wire transfers from my Heritage Bank Limited account?

  • Heritage Bank's wire transfer services can be used to make easy and convenient payments to international beneficiaries using major currencies. Such as USD, GBP, Euro and CAD

Credit Cards

1. Can I view my credit card statement online?

  • As long as your credit card is linked to your Online banking you will be able to view your credit card statement Online.

2. Can I make my credit card payments online?

  • Yes, if your credit card is linked to your Personal Online, you can make payments online FREE of cost. Once you have logged in to Personal Online, click the “Internal Transfer” tab and then select the credit card account you wish to pay.

3. Is my credit card payment processed immediately?

  • Yes, all credit card payments are real-time which means they are processed immediately and your new credit card balance can be viewed instantly.

4. How do I qualify for a credit card?

  • You will need an employment letter that shows that you have been employed for more than a year along with your ID and address verification.

5. How does Heritage decide the monthly minimum balance?

  • The monthly minimum balance is 5% of your full owing balance.

6. What is a cash advance fee?

  • A cash advance fee is the fee assessed to any cardholder that withdraws cash from his or her credit card via the ATM or at a Bank teller. The fee is 3% of the amount or BZD$5.00, whichever is greater.

7. What other fees can be charged to my credit card account?

  • Over the limit fee- $40.00- if the balance exceeds the agreed limit
  • Late payment fee- $25.00 – if the monthly payment is made after the due date
  • Chargeback fee- $35.00 – if you initiate a chargeback
  • Replacement fee – $20.00
  • Stamp duty due on foreign transaction of USD$50.00 and over.
  • Life insurance
  • Interest if full owing balance not paid by due date.

8. If I pay off my balance in full, how much interest will I pay?

  • Once the full owing balance is paid by the due date no interest will be charged.

9. How do I check my balance between statements?

  • Once logged in online, click on your credit card account and the transaction history will be displayed.

10. What should I do in the case that my credit card is lost/stolen?

  • To report a lost/stolen card, immediately contact Heritage Bank Main Office at 223-5698 or 614-0697 or email us at .

Online banking

1. How do I sign up for online banking?

  • For both Personal and Corporate Online Banking you may visit any of our branches to fill out an application form.

2. How do I receive my username and password?

  • After applying for Personal Online banking, the username and password are emailed to the applicant. The password can easily be changed after the first sign in.
  • A bank representative who can identify you will be able to provide the username and password by SMS.

3. Do I pay for online banking?

  • Personal Online banking is FREE of cost.
  • Corporate Online is FREE of cost

4. How do I add or delete an account from my online banking?

  • To add or delete an account simply fill out an amendment form requesting the change.

5. How do I change my password?

  • To change your password, log into Heritage Online, select settings, and then click on change password. Passwords should be at least (6) characters and are also alpha numeric.

6. How do I get a new password if it is forgotten or account is suspended?

  • To acquire a new password you will need to contact the bank and provide your secret question and answer to the representative. Then a message with your new password will be forwarded to you via SMS.

Bill Pay

1. What bills am I able to pay online?

  • HBL offers FREE online bill pay. This includes: Belize Electricity Limited, Belize Telemedia Limited, Belize Water Services, HRCU, LICU BMP, SJCU and much more. See Listing in E-banking section.