26 Nov


Property Information - Belize - BZECOMM06

Block 45 Parcel 160 Kings Park Registration Section

Being three buildings: Building A - a two storey concrete containing 3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms + living/dining/kitchen; Building B - a two storey commercial building; Building C a two storey containing 1 bedroom + 1 bathroom + living/dining/kitched per floor and lot 651.70 sq. yds situate on Vasquez Avenue, King’s Park, Belize City, the freehold property of Messrs. Feng Ying Tang, Bao Lin Tang & Yun Lan Tang.

The 32ft by 40ft section of the building accommodates a master bedroom (with bathroom, walk-in closet and a study room), plus a smaller bedroom and another bathroom, a kitchen, dining room, living room and a laundry room. The 22ft by 25 ft. section is a large bedroom with bathroom.

23 Nov


Vehicle Information - Belize - bzemv06

Year: 2008 Make: Saturn Vue Body: 4 Door SUV Engine: 2.4L V4 Color: Silver Mileage: 120,288 Miles Condition: Good Running Additional Features: Automatic Transmission