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Visa Travel Money (Prepaid) Card

Benefits of Visa Travel Money (Prepaid) Card

-         The card is called Heritage Traveler because it is Safe and Convenient to carry around as opposed to carrying cash
-         Heritage Traveler card facilitates fast, easy repeated payments, such as salaries, dividends or commissions to employees/agents as opposed to using checks or wire transfers
-         Heritage Traveler card is acceptable worldwide in stores, at ATMs and on the Internet
-         Heritage Traveler card is in US dollars; however, conversion from other currencies is automated and does not delay transactions
-         The VTM card can be co-branded and re-designed exclusively for your business clientele
-         Easy transfer from Bank Account to card
-         No monthly statements or interest payment
-         Easy 24 hour online access to account information
-         Maximum of USD$5,000.00
-         Maximum reloads up to USD$50,000.00 per month
-         Available in US Currency

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Please be informed that Heritage Bank will not issue card products to or engage in card programs with residents of India. This is in compliance with India Laws and Regulations regarding Card Issuance.