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Credit Cards

Businesses which stay on the cutting edge use credit cards to ensure speedy, efficient and well-documented transactions as well as to secure an array of value-added services and benefits.  Submit your proposal to

Visa and Mastercard Credit Cards features

 -                     competitive annual interest rate
 -                     24 hour customer service
 -                     24 hour fraud monitoring service
 -                     Free and easy 24 hour online access to account information
 -                     Easily accessible from any ATM and merchant outlet
 -                     Minimum of USD$1,000.00 and maximum of USD$25,000.00
 -                     Secured with 150% cash collateral
 -                     Available in US Currency

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Co-Branded Credit Cards
 We offer Co-Branded Credit Card programs uniquely customized to meet the requirements of your customer base.


 -                     Pre-Paid Product
 -                     Online access available
 -                     Worldwide accessibility
 -                     Issued with or without cardholder’s name
 -                     Carries the partner’s logo and design.  -The Bank name appears only at the back of the card.
 -                     Card can be used for the following

Please be informed that Heritage Bank will not issue card products to or engage in card programs with residents of India. This is in compliance with India Laws and Regulations regarding Card Issuance.