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At Heritage International Bank & Trust, we offer construction, education and medical financing service as well as consumer credit.  Our credit terms are flexible and tailored to meet your needs.  Our International Banking Service team is ready and willing to help make your dream a reality.  Contact us by email or telephone for more information.

Borrowing from Heritage Bank provides many advantages:

  • US Dollar Accounts
  • Unique Structures
  • Not subject to Currency Control Regulations
  • No tax deduction
  • No currency conversion fees
  • Efficient processing – to ensure quick turn-around
  • Handled by dedicated and committed Staff
  • Easy repayment processing from checking/savings accounts held with us

What you need to qualify:

  • Be a Non-resident individual or company
  • Have a source of income to meet loan payments

Loan Processing Requirements:

(a) Personal Application:

(b) State Purpose, If for:

  • Construction – Provide Cost Estimate & Construction Plans
  • Business Investment – provide projected cash flow for at least three years

(c) Security / Collateral:

  • Land
    • Land Title
    • Property Tax Records
    • Land must be located in Belize
  • Cash
    • Declaration of Source of Funds
  • Standby Letter of Credit
    • Confirmed by a USA Bank

Contact us today for more information:

  • Just give us a call at 011-501-223-5698
  • Fax us at 011-501-223-0368
  • Email us at

LOAN CALCULATOR – Calculate your monthly payment

Fill in the numbers to calculate your possible monthly payment. This tool is meant to be used to give you a general idea of your monthly payments – it is NOT a guaranteed rate or an official quote from Heritage Bank Limited.