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Cell Phone Banking

Real time transactions using Digicell SMS Bundles.

This feature allows customers to send a text message to “BANK” or “2265” to retrieve banking information.

Specific codes are required to initiate different requests or initiate different transactions.

  • Text us for account balances or account history
  • Text us for account alerts
  • Use text to transfer between accounts
  • Transfer funds to friends and family
  • Pay utility bills  View Tutorial
  • Digicell Top up View Tutorial 

Below are the approved codes.

BALC Checking account balance
HISTC Checking account history
BALS Savings account balance
HISTS Savings account history
STOP Disable all alerts
STOPALL Disable all text and alerts
GIVE Pay friends and family
FRIENDS Listing of friends and family
TRANSFER Transfer between your accounts
ACCOUNTS Your account nicknames
PAY Pay utility bills/merchants
NAMES Listing of merchants
NEW New products listing
INFO Listing of codes by SMS
BRANCHES Listing of branches
SIGNUP Contact for new customers
CONTACT Contact information

Cell Phone Banking FAQ:

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9. Which number must I use to authenticate myself?

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11. Where can I obtain a copy of the Cell Phone Banking terms and conditions?

12. How much credits must my Cell Phone have for me to use Cell Phone Banking?

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