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Properties in Stann Creek

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  • gregory-patchett


    Being 30 acres situated in Hope Creek Village Agriculture Layout, Stann Creek District being the freehold property of Gregory Patchett.
  • ken-arnold


    Being 13.515 acres situated in Hope Creek Village Agriculture Layout, Stann Creek District being the freehold property of being the freehold property of Ken Arnold
  • Nova Toledo 0


    Property Details (Public Auction to be held February 20th, 2014) All That piece or parcel of land containing 1271.39 acres being portion of Riversdale (Work No. 113) situate South of the road leading to the Riversdale Pier, Stann Creek District and being bounded on the North by the South Stann Creek – Riversdale Pier Road […]
  • NOVA Toledo 7,700 Acres


    A   All those portions or parcels of land belonging to NOVA Toledo Limited situate between the Swasey River, the Sennis River, Indian Hill Lagoon and the Caribbean Sea in the Toledo District comprising approximately 7,700 Acres ±. These properties are labelled B through I on Map below.
  • alexander-castillo


    Lot no. 10 Being an elevated two bedrooms wooden house situated in Hope Creek Village, Stann Creek District together with a lot containing 612.84 square yards the freehold property of Alexander
  • frank-castillo


    Being a parcel of land containing 596.453 square meters known as Lot 23 situated in the Trench Town Area, Independence Village, Stann Creek District the freehold property of Frank Castillo.
  • carlos-galvez


    Public Auction to be held December 17th, 2016 @ 10:30 am Parcel 2065 Block45, Being a piece or parcel of land containing 557.10 square yards situated in Punta Gorda Town, Toledo District, Belize the freehold property of Carlos Galvez.

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The property is the first Commercial Plaza at the Entrance of the Commercial Free Zone a short distance from the newly built International Bridge between Belize and Mexico and the old Mexican Bridge between Belize and Subteniente Lopez, Chetumal Q Roo and Princess Casino. It has a well with running water, integrated telephone lines and […]

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Parcel 2390 Block 16 Belama Phase 1. Being a concrete elevated residence having three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living, dining, kitchen and utility room together with a lot containing 416.67 square yards situate on Guzman Cresent, Belama Phase 1; the freehold Property of Sharifa Webster.

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Year: 2016 Make: Mazda BT-50 PRO XTR Body: 4 Door Pickup Truck Engine: 2.2L, 4-cylinder Color: Gray Mileage: 29,324 Condition: Good Running Additional Features: Automatic Transmission

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REGISTRATION SECTION         BLOCK                         PARCELS San Pedro Town                                  7                       5183,5184,5185 & 5186   Being four parcels of land measuring a total of 2,807 square yards in the Flying Fisherman Subdivision North of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye having full lagoon frontage and facing Las Terrazas Resort, just a stone’s throw away from the sea front […]

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  Being a lot containing 1,250.00 square yards together with a 2 bedroom concrete bungalow house situated in Trinidad Village, Orange Walk District, Belize the freehold property of Luis Leomar Tun.Public auction to be held July 8,2017 on location at 9:00 a.m.

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