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Credit Cards

Businesses which stay on the cutting edge use credit cards to ensure speedy, efficient and well-documented transactions as well as to secure an array of value-added services and benefits.

Heritage Bank offers your company the following cards:

VISA Classic and Mastercard Standard

The VISA Classic and Mastercard Standard are accepted by millions of enterprises all over the world. These can be used to finance business bills during travel, and can enable a company to monitor expenses and control the credit limit of individual employees. Also, cash can be withdrawn from any ATM displaying the card’s logo.  In addition, upon request by your company, certain features/services, such as cash withdrawal from ATMs, can be restricted.  The minimum credit limit is $1,000.00.  The card can bear the name of your company and the name of your employee.

Statements which list all transactions in detail will be sent to your company monthly. You can pay the entire bill before the due date and avoid interest charges, or pay in installments. Interest is charged only on the balance.

VISA and Mastercard Gold

This prestigious card (minimum limit: $5,000) brings with it a range of extra services and privileges for your company, including insurance and access to a Visa and Mastercard Assistance Center, which provides emergency medical assistance, legal referral assistance, emergency transportation service, prescription and delivery of valuable documents assistance etc.

Please be informed that Heritage Bank will not issue card products to or engage in card programs with residents of India. This is in compliance with India Laws and Regulations regarding Card Issuance.