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Merchant Services

Increase your business activity by offering customers the option of using a credit card, a Heritage Bank ATM card, any of the Credit Unions ATM cards or a ZITRO Prepaid Card .   Heritage Bank Limited can outfit you with a credit card facility so that VISA and Mastercard or Heritage Bank and Credit Union payments can be made by your customer.

Free-of-cost items included:
•    Point-Of-Sale Terminal
•    Paper Rolls
•    Visa and MasterCard Decals
•    Merchant Training

Heritage Bank will provide your company with the following services:
•    Set up your account
•    Set up your equipment and train your staff to use the equipment
•    Train your staff in all card acceptance procedures. Our staff will also visit every quarter to provide refresher training.
•    Provide statements, as well as any relevant information requested.
•    Provide authorization.
•    Collect, clear and settle merchant deposits.
•    Deposit payments to your account by the next business day.
•    Help you to reconcile settlement accounts.
•    Provide stationery and advertising materials

The application process is quick and easy and your merchant account can be approved within two business days. Rates vary depending on transaction volume. We will assess your potential transaction volume and try to offer you the lowest feasible rate. We will also take the time to explain all requirements in detail and provide you with all necessary forms and documents. In order to expedite the account opening process, the following documents are required:

Requirements: (may vary depending on account)
•     Financial Information on Business (audited statement preferred)
•    Trade Licenses/ Registration of business
•    Business References
•    Company Documentation
•    Sign, Agree and Abide on Merchant Agreement