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Credit Cards

With Heritage Bank’s outstanding credit card rates, you too can afford to own a personal credit card!  If you hold a credit card account at another bank and switch to Heritage Bank Limited, you’ll receive an 18% interest rate, plus free membership for a year. Those who hold Premium Savings accounts at Heritage Bank or groups of more than 5 which apply for a card, qualify to receive a 19% interest rate. All other walk-in customers are guaranteed a rate of 21%. So fill out an application so you can go ahead and charge it!

We offer the following cards:

Heritage Bank  Visa or Mastercard Card

Take care of all your expenses—utility bills, local or international travel and local or international purchases—with this convenient card. Heritage Bank Limited will assign you a suitable credit limit, and you can pay in full or by installments after receiving your statement. The card is accepted by all VISA and Mastercard participating merchants countrywide. VISA Classic and Mastercard Standard carry a BZE dollar line of credit, are accepted at millions of locations around the world. Obtain cash with your cards from any automatic teller machines which display your card’s logo. You can also get cash from any bank displaying the VISA or Mastercard logos. Lost or stolen cards are usually replaced within 3-5 days after you make a report. If you’re in the US, replacement usually takes place within 48 hours.

Minimum Credit Limit:
BZ $1,000.00—with higher limits available in multiples of $100

VISA or Mastercard Gold Card

This is the king of credit cards.  Ownership of this card gives you access to range of services offered by the Visa and Mastercard Gold Assistance Center throughout the year.  These include emergency medical assisstance, legal referral assistance, emergency transportation service, prescription and delivery of valuable documents assistance, etc.

Minimum Credit Limit:
BZ $10,000.00

Please be informed that Heritage Bank will not issue card products to or engage in card programs with residents of India. This is in compliance with India Laws and Regulations regarding Card Issuance.