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Mortgage Loans

Get that dream house you always wanted sooner! (Also, renovate your home or restructure your debts.) Our mortgage specialists will sit with you to put together a package that suits you best.

Choose Heritage Bank Limited when you’re ready to buy or renovate because of our:
•    Friendly and efficient service
•    Reduced loan rates to compete with the lowest on the market
•    Heritage Bank provides 90% financing, so only 10% owner’s equity is required from the borrower!
•    You can repay at a competitive interest rate of 13% over a repayment period that can extend to 20 years.
•    Automatic payment deductions to loan accounts
•    Home insurance and/or life insurance can also be included in your loan package so you can enjoy your home    without anxiety


•    Visit any of our branches for personal assistance,contact our friendly loan officers at (501) 223-6783/6784 or contact us by e-mail

LOAN CALCULATOR – Calculate your monthly payment

Fill in the numbers to calculate your possible monthly payment. This tool is meant to be used to give you a general idea of your monthly payments – it is NOT a guaranteed rate or an official quote from Heritage Bank Limited.

Loan Calculator

Loan Calculator Mortgage Calculator