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The lot falls within the boundaries of San Ignacio Town and it is accessible to potable water, electricity, telephone and TV cable services. Garbage collection and other ancillary services are provided by the San Ignacio-Santa Elena Town Council.

 Land use in the general area of the subject is predominantly of a residential nature. A few small convenient shops can be found in the area but this does not affect the residential neighborhood characteristics. The housing stock is comprised of concrete and timber buildings and generally the stock is kept in a good state

 The subject is within walking distance of supermarkets, restaurants and to the public transportation services. There is a small community park some 150 meters south of the subject. The main commercial hub of San Ignacio is approximately one of a kilometer

away. This commercial hub offers a wider range of goods and services, including the major financial institutions, bus park, meat and vegetable markets and a petrol filling station.

18th. Street is paved and it is in good condition. Drainage is good and street lighting is adequate